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A native of Germany, Felix Hell is one of the most sought after concert organists in the world. He has been featured as a recitalist and concerto soloist in more than 850 concerts throughout North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The American Organist raved that he “sets standards that older and honored players would struggle to equal.”

Felix Hell’s discography includes 10 CDs. His most recent recording features music for Organ and Symphony Orchestra by Barber, Guilmant and Jongen. His recordings are frequently broadcast throughout the United States and across the world; he has appeared on television globally.

His project “Music Across America” allows him to travel with his own Touring Organ, performing organ concertos and recitals in spaces that do not house pipe organs, liberating the instrument from its historic confines.…

Felix Hell Reviews:

“Felix Hell is a real phenomenon, a young man who’s been packing ’em in at organ recitals for years, although at the time this recording was made in June of 2002, he wasn’t old enough to vote …Most impressive are the two Liszt works. Hell makes the most of the power and color of the lage Shoenstein instrument, but is also fully attuned to all the contrapuntal and architectural complexities of the pieces…The organ sound is rich and dense, maintaining its focus when loud, and the recorded perspective is ideal – close enough for detail and timbral nuance but not so close that the organ doesn’t have room to breathe. Low bass is almost scary. If you have a subwoofer in a small-to-medium sized room, prepare to have your eardrums pressurized” –Andrew Quint, THE ABSOLUTE SOUND

“The newest CD from Felix Hell is a sonic blockbuster that may become a contender for status as one of the best organ recordings ever… For those who have been reading about Felix nut have not heard him in concert, especially on a large instrument, THIS is the CD to purchase… Turn down the lights, crank up the volume and revel in it!“ –Rich Blacklock, PIPORG-L