Málaga Philharmonic Orchestra


Last Tango Before Sunrise

Last Tango Before Sunrise

The Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra gave its inaugural concert on February 14, 1991. It was then born as the Malaga City Orchestra, a consortium between the Malaga City Council and the Andalusian Government, and that responded to the conviction that a city like Malaga should have a great symphony orchestra.

At the head of the Orchestra, and its project, six principal conductors have imprinted their own personality: Octav Calleya, Odón Alonso, Alexander Rahbari, Aldo Ceccato, Edmon Colomer and Manuel Hernández Silva.

As of September 1, 2020, the master and artistic direction will be held by maestro José María Moreno.

The Malaga Philharmonic Orchestra has believed that it is essential not to limit its activity to subscription programming and has launched enthusiastic parallel proposals. Along with CD recordings of repertoires of a very diverse nature, and with different teachers, we must add a Chamber Music Cycle, parallel to its subscription symphonic program and its cycle The Philharmonic in front of the sea, specially designed for new audiences and young people. of special artistic projection.

The Hon. Malaga City Council awarded him the “Malaga Award” for the best musical work of 2001 and the M Capital Company its Culture Award, among other distinctions from various entities associated with culture at the provincial and national level.

The SGAE awarded the Orchestra a special award in 2007, in recognition of its work in favor of contemporary Spanish music.

The OFM has been awarded by the Ateneo de Málaga, the Zegrí Cultural Association, the Malagueña Association of Writers “Friends of Malaga” and the Friends of the OFM Association in recognition of its 25th Anniversary.
In 2017, the Malaga Provincial Council awarded the OFM the Distinction of Honor of the Province for cultural and social development in the province.

The Junta de Andalucía has awarded him the Andalusian Flag of the Arts 2021.