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Tempo Do Brasil

Natalia Khoma is an internationally renowned cellist. Since winning the All-Ukrainian competition, Khoma has won top prizes at the Budapest Pablo Casals International Competition, Markneukirchen Competition in Germany, and the Tchaikovsky International Competition in Moscow, as well as First prize at the Belgrade International Cello Competition. … In October 2008, Natalia Khoma was awarded the title – Honorary Professor of Lviv State Academy of Music, Ukraine, in May 2010 – Honorary Professor of Odesa State Music Academy, Ukraine. In 2011 she was appointed Artistic Advisor of the Music and Art Center of Greene County, New York. Natalia serves as organizer of the Children and Music Foundation, which provides musical training, instruments and financial aid to young, gifted Ukrainian students in need.

In addition to her performing activities, Natalia is an Associate Professor of cello at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC and Director of the Charleston Music Fest. Full Bio

Natalia Khoma Reviews:

“These same musicians brought us a disc of the music of Radames Gnatalli… I was impressed by that performance, and I took as much delight in this collection of solos and duos by various Brazilian composers. …most of the music is new to me, or at least rarely recorded‚the guitar world tends to look to solo works rather than chamber music from these composer, so it was nice to hear…If you love Brazilian music, you’ll find much pleasure here.” —Ken Keaton, American Record Guide