HRx Discs

HRx is our trade name for high resolution audio WAV files on a DVD-R data disc. These files contain exact bit-for-bit copies of Reference Recordings’ master recordings. They are the ultimate in fidelity for two-channel sound! HRx Discs are now available exclusively through Exclusive Disc.

Reference Recordings has a virtually unbroken history of making the finest possible high resolution recordings. We started with analog tape. We weren’t satisfied with early technology, 16 bit digital recordings, but soon began making HDCD (High Definition Compatible Digital) recordings, in which the process was co-designed by our own recording guru Keith O. Johnson. In the opinion of many, these are probably the best digital recordings ever. Currently we record at 176.4 kHz/ 24 bits, with HDCD, and that is what we put on our HRx discs. Like any quality recording company, we have long been frustrated by the limitations of consumer formats: LP, CD, SACD, DVD-A, etc. No one but our recording and mastering team could hear the full beauty of our recordings! ALL of the consumer formats downgraded the true sound of the master tapes, either because of the limitations of the format itself or of the playback equipment. Computer music playback is the new frontier, and we applaud the brave audiophiles who are its pioneers! The WAV files on HRx are exactly the same as our master recordings. As long as the playback system you use does not convert or corrupt the bits, they will sound as wonderful as our original masters.

HRx Recordings Available on Elusive Disc
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