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The Bowie Variations

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From Bach to Bowie, east coast to west coast, piano keyboards to computer keyboards, Mike Garson has worked to make the world a more creative, compassionate and compelling place. He remains a man of many talents and limitless inspiration. No artistic medium is off-limits to this avant-garde individual to whom the word “no” is quickly transformed into the word “now.”
Best known for his impressive skills as a pianist, he is a respected composer and an evolving computer artist. Embracing the idea of the “Renaissance Man,” Mike continually experiments with new ways through which he can communicate his humanistic ideals and hopes for the world in which he lives.

In his youth, Mike studied classical composition with Leonard Eisner of Juilliard and earned degrees in Music and Education from Brooklyn College. He also studied with Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, Hal Overton, Robert Starer and Lennie Tristano. He has played with Stanley Clarke, Elvin Jones, Lee Konitz, Stan Getz and Freddie Hubbard.

Mike is perhaps best known for his relationship with David Bowie, which began in late 1971. He made his mark on numerous Bowie albums and has traveled thousands of miles on Bowie tours, including his 2003-04 “A Reality Tour,” Bowie’s first world tour in 20 years. In November 2006, Mike accompanied Bowie and Alicia Keys during a unique performance of “Changes” at an AIDS benefit in New York City which ended up being Bowie’s final public U.S. performance. … Full Bio

Mike Garson Reviews:

“Whatever Mike lends his hands to invariably becomes something magical.”–David Bowie

“…who better than he to present an album of piano compositions inspired by the works of Mr. Bowie? The answer, obviously, is no one. This CD is an 11-song sonic expedition through Bowie’s catalog that only Garson could lead.” —John C. Bowerman

“…his technique is always subservient to his music making…” —John Atkinson, Stereophile