HDCD Recordings

Titles marked HDCD® have been recorded with an advanced new digital system co-invented by our own “Prof.” Johnson. HDCD brings a new level of accuracy and musicality to digital recordings. Heard on a standard CD player, their sonic superiority will be evident. However, the finest levels of resolution, imaging and spatial information will be revealed when these CDs are reproduced on players with HDCD decoding, now available from many manufacturers.

HDCD Sampler | Various

HDCD Sampler

Testament | Turtle Creek Chorale


Fiesta! | Dallas Wind Symphony


Reference Classics - First Sampling | Various

Reference Classics – First Sampling

Nojima Plays Ravel | Minoru Nojima

Nojima Plays Ravel

Nojima Plays Liszt | Minoru Nojima

Nojima Plays Liszt