FRESH! From Reference Recordings

“This offshoot of our respected independent classical and jazz audiophile label will offer productions from all music genres. We’ve talked about doing another imprint for a long time. Talented artists and producers have often offered us masters but we didn’t have a way to release them.We are thrilled to offer music lovers FRESH! From RR.” —Marcia Martin

Unlike Reference Recordings releases, most of FRESH! offerings will not be recorded by the RR team. RR will endeavor to have input prior to recording, and have a hands-on role in editing, post production and/or mastering phases of production.

FRESH! is part of RR’s mission to encourage new artists and give them a strong platform for promotion and sales nationally and internationally. Marcia Martin adds, “It is exciting to add this avenue to RR Technical director Keith O. Johnson’s life-long role in mentoring new artists and recording/engineering teams. His work with FRESH! will put into action what he has taught in seminars and master classes at UCLA, through NARAS (National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences), and the AES (Audio Engineering Society).”