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Arnold for Band | Dallas Wind Symphony

Arnold for Band

The Times of Day | Turtle Creek Chorale

The Times of Day

HDCD Sampler Vol. II | Various

HDCD Sampler Vol. II

Rutter: Requiem and Five Anthems | Turtle Creek Chorale

Rutter: Requiem and Five Anthems

Pomp & Pipes! | Dallas Wind Symphony

Pomp & Pipes!

From the Age of Swing | Dick Hyman

From the Age of Swing

My Very Best | Eileen Farrell

My Very Best

Postcards | Turtle Creek Chorale


Beachcomber | Dallas Wind Symphony


Trittico | Dallas Wind Symphony


Ebony Concerto | John Bruce Yeh

Ebony Concerto

Letters from the Equator | Jim Brock

Letters from the Equator

HDCD Sampler | Various

HDCD Sampler

Menotti-Barber Violin Concertos | Pacific Symphony

Menotti & Barber: Violin Concertos

Captain Horatio Hornblower

Captain Horatio Hornblower

Arnold Overtures | London Philharmonic

Arnold Overtures